The Medical Accessories Support Trust (MAST) aims to promote confidence, creativity and a sense of community to all those living at home with a medical accessory of any sort, that’s attached to or an external part of their body. The term accessory is used here as an umbrella term to cover the multiple different types of changes or additions to their body that an individual with ill health may experience, such as stomas, tubes, lines and catheters. It is also used to encapsulate the MAST philosophy that these accessories are a part of or extension of the body, that can be celebrated as such and worn with pride and individuality. MAST aims to be inclusive to all whether their accessory makes them one of thousands or one of just a handful. We believe we have common ground between us and that we are stronger together.

New What Lies Beneath Campaign

Read all about our campaign to help spread awareness of the hidden medical devices and appliances that people live with, and their need to have access to disabled facilities. Find info cards and leaflets here.

New Decoration Feature…

For some people, in addition to choosing the right medical appliances, accessorising in some way can help bring them a sense of ownership, personalisation, incorporation, reclaimation, humour, individuality, beauty, or style, (to name but a few), to their body and accessory. Read more